Hello and welcome to noDnoR.org!  This website exists for the sole purpose of advancing strategies and providing organizational infrastructure for activists, voters, and the rest of us to commit our energy to breaking up the more than century-long, two-party stranglehold that has been exerted by the Democratic and Republican political parties over the United States government, a government which is supposed to belong to all of us.  Whether you are conservative, progressive, socialist, libertarian, green, or liberal, if you are tired of having only two major options at the ballot box and only two major voices in the national dialogue, this web site — and this movement — is for you.

While both of the two major (duopoly) parties occasionally run intelligent candidates, propose sensible policies, and represent noble principles, they increasingly do not represent the American people (44% are independent; see political affiliation data here) and have failed, decade after decade, to enact legislation which is in line with public opinion and the will of the people (there is no correlation between public opinion and legislation; see scientific study results here).  Instead, they consistently have chosen to conform to the wishes of their big-money donors, whose interests have almost nothing in common with, and often are directly opposed to, those of the average American.  Therefore, the time has come for everyday people to take concerted steps to break up the Democrats’ and Republican’s nearly exclusive control over our public institutions of government in order to clear a path for independent and other candidates, ideas, and principles.

At the core of this movement is a pledge with both active and passive components, and joining us is as simple as making this pledge a reality:

Passively, we pledge to break up the two-party system by starving the duopoly parties of our money, our support, and our votes.  This means that No-D/No-R supporters pledge our refusal to donate to, volunteer for, and cast votes for both Democratic and Republican candidates in any race, no matter if it means writing in someone who’s not on the ballot or not voting at all if there are no non-duopoly candidates available to vote for.  By so doing, we are effortlessly cutting off all of the resources and consent that the duopoly parties have been taking from us and then turning around to use against us.

Actively, we also pledge to break up the two-party system by taking as many steps as possible for us as individuals and as local, county, state, regional, and national chapters of the No-D/No-R movement to spotlight candidates who are not affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties and to promote changes in local, county, state, and national election laws which promote a leveling of the playing field at the ballot box and during political races, including: ranked choice voting; limitations on money in politics; and other appropriate measures.  These steps may also include civil campaigns to influence the media to provide less biased coverage in favor of the duopoly parties and to urge more independently minded politicians who are currently affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties to renounce their party affiliations and to become independent, non-party-affiliated candidates or to join or to found new, “non-D/non-R” or “non-duopoly” parties in order to gain our movement’s members’ support and our votes.

(Please note: noDnoR.org does not encourage the use of the term, “third party,” when referring to non-duopoly political parties because that term has the connotation in the English language of being an outsider to a process or someone who is only “incidentally involved,” and any individual or group seeking political power necessarily wants to be much more than incidentally involved in the government.)

Are you ready now to take back our government for ourselves and for future generations of ordinary, working Americans? Take the No-D/No-R pledge (it only takes a minute) and start working today to break up the two-party system!

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