Below is a list of principles accepted by, and common to, all No-D/No-R members and groups.  Please note that any individual or group claiming to be affiliated with the No-D/No-R movement who acts counter to these principles, while they may have signed the No-D/No-R Pledge, does not speak for or represent our movement.

  1. As entities comprising an inclusive, polypartisan movement, No-D/No-R groups or chapters may not explicitly endorse or fund any candidates or parties.  Only individual members and not No-D/No-R groups or chapters may explicitly endorse or fund candidates or parties in their own, personal capacity, in accordance with applicable laws.  (I.e. “The Bethesda chapter of No-D/No-R endorses John Smith of the Zebra Party in the race for U.S. Senate, and we hereby give him this check from our organization for $500.00” is not allowed, but “I, Betsy Jones, a member of the Bethesda chapter of the No-D/No-R, endorse John Smith of the Zebra Party in the race for U.S. Senate and hereby give him a personal check for $500.00” is allowed.)
  2. As members of a polypartisan movement, No-D/No-R members must engage respectfully with other members of the movement while working on common issues.  This principle includes the right of individual members to decline respectfully to work actively with other members who have diverging political views which they find completely unsupportable.  However, no chapter, group, or individual may bar any other individual who has taken the No-D/No-R Pledge and who adheres to these principles from participating in group or chapter activities on the basis of their political views alone.
  3. As a movement, No-D/No-R is not reformist in that we do not seek to change or improve the Democratic and/or Republican parties so that we may support them at a future date.  Unlike those who try to differentiate so-called “RINOs” and “DINOs” (Republicans/Democrats In Name Only) from quote-unquote “true” Republicans and Democrats who have an apparently more acceptable level of personal integrity, we seek only to put these organizations, and any of their candidates, out of power.
  4. As a movement, No-D/No-R is pro-democracy in the sense that we seek to remove any and all barriers to free choice in the political sphere — our primary initial mission being to peel away the Democrats’ and Republicans’ current death grip over our government at all levels — whatever members’ individual political perspectives and values may be.
  5. As a movement, No-D/No-R is non-violent and recognizes that there are more than enough peaceful methods at members’ disposal to achieve our goals.
  6. When attending public rallies or other events at which representatives of the Democratic and/or Republican parties are in attendance and particularly when they are in leadership positions, No-D/No-R members should make all reasonable efforts to display No-D/No-R paraphernalia and/or signage in order to prevent our presence in support of a particular issue of concern (i.e. cuts to social programs, opposing wars, etc.) from being co-opted by the duopoly parties or being construed as support for them.  This principle also extends into the digital realm as on web forums and social media groups.